Dordrecht/Schiphol/Valkenburg, Nederland

Experienced Mendix/Low-Code Consultant

“You know your stuff on Mendix/Low-Code and you are looking for a more fulfilling career”


Location: Dordrecht/Schiphol/Valkenburg 

> 2y experience with Low-code (Preferable Mendix)

32-40 h

Fluency in Dutch and good communication skills required

Are you up for it? Who are Bizzomate, anyway?

We are not just any (IT) consultancy firm and we are not for everyone.

We strive for continuous growth: for our customers, for the Bizzomates and for the team. Growth in capabilities and growth in numbers. That is why we are always in the market for professionals who fit in our culture. At the moment, we are 50 people strong and work from three homebases: Schiphol, Dordrecht and Valkenburg (Limburg).
A wide variety of Dutch and Belgian customers call on us to design, build and maintain apps. We help them solve complex business problems using the Low-Code platform Mendix and our creative methodologies like service design.

We have built pretty much anything you can think of on the Mendix platform. Small wonder that, in the Mendix universe, Bizzomate is known for technically outstanding apps that range from entire back-end systems to customer facing online portals. Our growing list of impressive customers is a result of our desire to build strong and long-lasting relationships.

We are architects, scrum masters, analysts, techies and designers. We are Bizzomates.

Are you a Bizzomate? What does it take to be one?

  • You like to work in small teams that aim high.
  • Personal match and culture fit are key.
  • You value freedom, responsibility and trust as much as we do.
  • Challenges and adventures should be embraced.
  • Your eyes are on the ball. Always.

Key Characteristics of a Mendix Consultant at Bizzomate

  • Passionate and knowledgeable about Low-Code (come teach us a thing or two!).
  • Your work is clean. And smart. In other words: you create the right thing, the right way.
  • The customer is only right if they are working towards the best possible solution. You challenge them if that is not the case!
  • You are tech savvy enough to get the job done. And not too proud to beg if you need help from your team.
  • Knowledge should be shared! For the team’s sake!
  • Agile manifesto? You can dream it. Write it. Recite it.
  • Not just a pretty face: your hands are good, but your brain is even better.
  • You take full ownership over your and your teams solutions.
  • Customers and colleagues love you because you are in it, to win it.
  • You are a textbook professional. Period.
  • Fluency in Dutch and good communication skills required.

The Life of a Mendix Consultant at Bizzomate

Starting Bizzomates are matched with a buddy to teach them the ropes. And by the time you’re ready, and if you’re up for it, you can run your own team (with all the support you require).

Until that time, you will join a scrum team for a customer project as an experienced Mendix consultant. Projects vary in length, from four weeks to nine months. We like to think it is nice to have a change of pace.

Your team has been assembled based on location, personal match, experience and expertise. Different projects, different needs, different teams. Makes sense, right?

Comprehensive guidelines give our customers a quality assurance and give you plenty of room to be creative while still building the right thing in the right way.

Speaking of customers: (In normal times) you’ll be seeing them regularly and often. Bizzomates and their clients have truly embraced our 2-2-1 schedule with gusto: 2 days on the customer’s location followed by 2 days at our own office and 1 day to schedule at your own discretion. Don’t forget that you are required to spend 10% of your week as a volunteer at a foundation or organisation of your choice.

One of our three offices will be your ‘home’ location, so you’ll get to know the Bizzomates you’re sharing that location with pretty well. Quarterly meetings with the company as a whole ensure that you’ll meet your other colleagues frequently. You’ll have quarterly meetings with your career coach as well. Bizzomates are encouraged to set personal development goals that will help them grow as professionals - and in turn, Bizzomate as a company will grow, too!

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My background

Maarten has an international business background, and after having started his career in sales he switched to a consultancy role. He became an implementation consultant for SAP Business One where he focused on translating business needs and processes into the SAP software environment. After a couple of years the switch to Mendix made a lot of sense, as Mendix allows for far greater flexibility when addressing business needs. Going from a configurable off the shelf product to a platform that allows for design and construction of custom software was exactly the professional step Maarten was looking for!
Your future colleague

Maarten Kusters

Recovering SAP consultant
Before Bizzomate, Maarten was an implementation consultant for SAP Business One. He joined Bizzomate in 2019, after his good friend Jeroen Bos joined us earlier that year. And why Bizzomate you might ask? Jeroen told Maarten about the Bizzomate culture, work ethic and family atmosphere, he just had to go and see for himself what all the fuss was about!