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We are not just any (IT) consultancy firm and we are not for everyone. You will find that we provide an environment of freedom, responsibility and trust. We focus on growth, growth for our customers, for each individual Bizzomate, the team as a whole and our network of (social) partners.

We are giving back

Want to be part of a team that creates real impact?

Organizations play an important role in the well-being of their workforce, their families and even society. Bizzomate acknowledges that, and therefore implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility policy which states that every colleague should devote 10% of their time to a charitable cause of their own choice. Working out of your comfort zone increases resilience and helps to put things in perspective. Our CSR policy is an opportunity for every colleague to become a more complete person and increase their positive impact on society. As a Bizzomate, you are free to select and support social initiatives of your own choice. We would like you to rise to the occasion and increase your positive impact.

Our shared culture

Why we embrace our culture?

Our shared culture is based on 4P’s (Pleasure, Passion, Prestige and Professionalism). These values are not just for show, they are intertwined with everything we do. From personal development plans to project retrospectives and giving and providing personal feedback. Each P is as important as the other, it is all about the right balance.

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Small teams, global ambitions


Valkenburg, Nederland


Valkenburg/Dordrecht/Schiphol, Nederland


Dordrecht/Schiphol/Valkenburg, Nederland

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My background

Jelle studied Industrial Design and started his career as a front end developer at a large bank. After having switched to Mendix in 2013, he became one of our lead developers. He is an experienced all round Mendix developer with specific expertise in modelling the business domain and building awesome Mendix widgets. He is our coffee supplier and loves his Wednesdays at "zorgboerderij" Wasven.

Jelle Dekker

Mendix Expert and Early Bird

Jelle studied Industrial Design at the TU/e where he learned to listen closely to users and search for the underlying needs and opportunities hidden deep behind the initial questions asked by the client. His first job was at Capgemini as a front-end and Mendix consultant. He switched to Bizzomate in October 2016 in search of a more fulfilling job at a company which does not only have a vision for the future, but also the motivation and energy to achieve it. He is also an expert in avoiding traffic and is at the office well before most of us wake up.

My background

Dennis started his career at a Dutch Energy provider where he held various roles before he became a Mendix “engineer”. He got inspired by the scrum methodology and quickly became the scrum master and later on the product owner. He is our agile conscience, making sure that everyone understands why we use the scrum framework. In projects he often coaches our customers’ product owners and ensures that the most valuable things are built first. And internally Dennis is product owner for the business rule engine Avola, making sure that we practice what we preach. And he is our top MVO ambassador working for Stichting Present and Humanitas.

Dennis van der Voort

Scrum Guru

Dennis fulfilled most of the common roles in a scrum team and that makes him the ideal agile coach and evangelist. Dennis went from business analyst to Mendix developer to scrum master to product owner at a Mendix customer, before switching to Bizzomate for a job as scrum master and business analyst. He chose Bizzomate because: “I can spend 10% of my time on social responsibility and I felt like I could learn so much . And I still love Bizzomate because they care about me and I feel free to ‘design’/organize my working days, my responsibilities and my career the way I want to.”

My background

Geert is a Mendix consultant with a passion for user experience design and process optimization. Geert studied applied psychology to fulfill his interest in human behaviour. Combining this insight with IT makes Geert the ideal guy to solve problems efficiently from a business perspective. He considers good business collaboration as his mission. You always know when Geert is in the office with his loud and catchy laugh!

Geert Keularts

The most stylish MX consultant

Geert studied applied psychology to fulfill his interest in human behaviour. Combining this insight with IT makes Geert the ideal guy to solve problems efficiently from a business perspective. He loves to find the limits of the Mendix platform (yes he is a bit of a techie as well), without losing focus on the business value. When Geert first joined Bizzomate, he was enamoured with the project-based approach. But when he discovered the culture and blossoming talent within the company, he was hooked. In his first month at Bizzomate Geert became lead developer on his own (new) project.
“We have found a true partner in Bizzomate. For five weeks, two days a week, two consultants worked with us at our headquarters in Brussels. This made the collaboration very easy and straightforward”
Sam Everett, Director, lus Laboris
“It was fun working with the developers of Bizzomate!”
Suzanne Maijer, Partner, Metis Notarissen
“Many can build something right, we also build the right thing”
Charles Bronzwaer, Factory Leader, Bizzomate
“We provide an environment of freedom and trust, that requires a great sense of responsibility”
Marc Gelissen, Pater Familias, Bizzomate
“At Bizzomate your input is not only welcomed, it is expected of you to be critical and speak up”
Maarten Kusters, Recovering SAP consultant, Bizzomate

Come work in low code, you’re in good company


Want to be part of a team that creates applications with real impact? “Today every company is an IT company”: This leads to an increasing demand for software developers. Low-Code enables “citizen developers” (IT savvy business people) to step up to this challenge. Without coding knowledge you can now both design and develop your own apps. We combine the roles of a business consultant with that of a developer to add value quickly.

More about Low-Code Development

Agile Software Development

Why we embrace Agile Software Development? Simple answer: to provide our customers the right solution better, faster and cheaper. Agile represents various software-development methodologies that have been influenced by iterative and incremental development. The goal is to build and deliver software incrementally based on feedback, rather than trying to deliver the whole solution all at once. Agile is an umbrella covering a variety of frameworks.

More about our approach