Our best work

We love our work and are proud to show it. We want to offer innovative solutions that will bridge the gap between business and IT. While returning to IT the role of key player in realizing the organization’s ambitions and objectives.
Pricing tool
Over 50 member firms are enabled to work consistent and more efficient
  • Company: Ius Laboris
  • Development time: 1 week
Interactive customer portal
Pension administrator AZL gets closer to 1.5 million members via ‘customer portal’
  • Company: AZL
  • Development time: 10 weeks
Mobility manager
A unified process for 1.400 lawyers, from 50 different countries in 5 weeks
  • Company: Ius Laboris
  • Development time: 5 weeks
Improving medical risk acceptance
30% more customers through automated medical acceptance
  • Company: Funeral Insurer
  • Development time: 6 weeks
Dynamic claims management
Dekra Belgium optimizes and innovates its claims activities
  • Company: Dekra Belgium
  • Development time: 8 weeks
Case management
Metis notaries pioneers with process-driven software
  • Company: Metis Notaries
  • Development time: 26 weeks
Client dashboard
All relevant customer information in one overview for account planning and monitoring
  • Company: International Law Firm
  • Development time: 4 weeks
Invoice processing
Pension administrator AZL improves invoice and payment processes
  • Company: AZL
  • Development time: 20 weeks
Chain automation
Asbestos specialist takes major steps towards full digital work
  • Company: Eurofins Sanitas
  • Development time: 30 weeks