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Web Portal Metalix

Optimizing planning with a clear order overview for improved customer satisfaction

Business need 

IHC Metalix is part of Royal IHC which has a strategy to become more service-oriented. Therefore the company is transitioning from a supplier of metal construction kits to a service provider in this field. The organization performs regular customer surveys to monitor this process. One of those surveys showed that customers didn’t have sufficient insight into the status of their orders. As a result, clients were unable to schedule the assembly of their vessels properly and they were in need of more insight into their order status.

IHC Metalix asked long-standing partner Bizzomate to support them in building a future proof digital portal to give them and their customers real-time 24/7 insight into their order status, so they could improve customer satisfaction and save time on informing customers via other channels like email and telephone.



In just two weeks Bizzomate developed such a portal. The Metalix portal can be used on a desktop and a tablet and provides customers with 24/7 real-time insight into their order status. The portal has been integrated with the ERP system of IHC Metalix and provides customers with all the relevant information about their order.

The Metalix portal is part of IHC’s digitalization program and was built using the Mendix low code-platform. The portal was developed with existing building blocks from previous applications. This enabled Bizzomate to build this solution extremely fast.

 Optimizing planning with a clear order overview

Now the portal is ready for use, every client is assigned with 10-15 accounts, so clients can determine themselves which team members get access to the portal. The viewing rights can be assigned depending on the role of every team member.

The dashboard enables users to view up to twenty orders or more if required. Per order, the status can be viewed with a status bar that shows a reference number and the order status. The status of order parts can be viewed separately. With this information, clients can optimize their planning for the assembly of the vessels they are building. In the future, additional features for search and simple communications via chat or email will be integrated into the portal as well.



The IHC Metalix portal has enabled customers to take back control of their planning. Because they now have 24/7 real-time insight into their orders, they can adapt their planning accordingly leading to improved customer satisfaction. The portal also saves time on reporting the order status to clients and allows IHC Metalix to focus on creating more value with the metal construction kits they build for clients.

In a nutshell


Royal IHC

Development time:

2 weeks




Maritime Solutions (dredging, offshore & wet mining)


  • Emgage
  • Innovation

From our client

“Thanks to Bizzomate and the Mendix platform we have been able to develop this portal in such short notice. At IHC Metalix we strive to improve customer experience and with this portal, we are able to add value to our customers by providing more order insights.”
Wenxi Huang
Product Owner Digital Business, IHC Metalix

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