CASE - Agristo

Quality Control Reporting Tool

The Quality Control Reporting Tool

Bizzomate designed and developed a Mendix desktop application which enables Agristo to configure their products in a fraction of the time that was needed before. The app provides the users with a more streamlined interface which guides them in their day-to-day tasks and ensures data consistency. This in turn benefits the reporting done in BI tools through the OData service feed that was built in the application using standard Mendix components.

The application was also built in such way that all input data is automatically committed -in case of internet connection failures- while all previous quality control data is intuitively presented in order to assist the quality control division in maintaining the correct quality for the products.

With the development tools provided by Mendix, this app was built within 6 weeks. The scrum team consisted of both members of Bizzomate (Lead-Developer & Business Engineer) and Agristo (Product Owner & Scrum Master).

In a nutshell



Development time:

6 weeks


Food Industry


Agristo is a world player for the development and production of frozen potato products.


  • Legacy Migration
  • Dynamic Case Management
  • Engage

From our client

“With the help of Bizzomate, Agristo was able to give their quality controllers a well designed and user friendly quality tool. The Bizzomate consultants always kept our objectives in mind so they never lost time & money on creating something less valuable. Their suggestion to implement Avola Decision, to obtain a final decision on the quality of the product, gives us all the flexibility we need in this tool. We are very happy with the results. Agristo is impressed of everything that is achieved in only 6 weeks of 'sprinting'. We can sincerely recommend Bizzomate as a reliable partner for your business challenges.”
Tine Vandekerckhove
Business Analist

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