CASE - Voorbij Prefab Beton

Digital Logistics Solution

Flat Logistics Application (FLAPP)

To further digitize Voorbij Prefab’s business process Bizzomate created a Mendix application called Flat Logistics Application (FLAPP). The entire logistics process was mapped, from the moment the flatbed trailer arrives, to the moment the correct cargo is picked up.
Employees can use this mobile app to scan a slab of concrete whilst being loaded on a flat and follow the freight whenever a flat is moved to another position or when it’s picked up.
The logistics planner monitors the process on a dedicated responsive desktop app. The planner always knows which product is stored on a specific flat, how much stock is actually stored and how many flats are still empty. Besides that he or she can monitor the status of outgoing freight and validate whether freigt is dry and complete onto one flat.

A much better digital process in just eight weeks was the solution. It took only four sprints (eight weeks in total) by two experienced Mendix developers to create an application with great business value for Voorbij Prefab. By using the digital storage area logistics planners have a clear view of the available space and drivers spend less time when they pick up their cargo. Voorbij Prefab instantly created a clear view into the number of flats needed, and they are now able to make better choices to prevent factory shutdowns due to a congested storage area.

In a nutshell


Voorbij Prefab Beton (TBI Group)

Development time:

8 weeks




Voorbij Prefab is a leading and innovative producer of sustainable prefab concrete products. With a clear focus on housing and industry.


  • Innovation
  • Engage
  • Dynamic Case Management

From our client

“We should have had this earlier! Not only do we now have a well used application but we also learned a lot from working agile, which we now also apply in our other projects.”
Lisa Rooijakkers
Project Coördinator

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