CASE - Transportation Insurer

Becoming future proof

Becoming future proof

In 2016 the transportation insurer started this innovation program. A three year plan to secure a reliable foundation for the future which can be quickly adapted or expended upon, and in the end be able to keep up with (disrupting) changes in the market. To do this they underwent a complete overhaul of their corporate structure, processes and supporting IT components in order to: reduce time-to-market for new products, increase the ability of management to quickly influence existing processes and setup an IT landscape which supports the need for flexibility. Therefore multiple applications were built.

In a nutshell


Transportation Insurer

Development time:

12 weeks




Insurance solutions for transport by road, water and the automotive industry.


  • Legacy migration
  • Dynamic Case Management

From our client

“We are very pleased with this collaboration. For us, this is a partnership, which lifts our IT to a new level. A genuine partnership that will help us organize IT in a new way and it will strengthen our current position as a market leader. This process really is about so much more than IT alone. That’s why we focus on multiple tracks, we not only pay attention to the products and the process, but also focus consciously on our corporate culture. You need more than technology to ensure a successful transformation.”
Rieks Stroeve
COO Transportation Insurer

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