CASE - VSZ Assuradeuren

A new proposition

A completely new insurance proposition in 12 weeks

Tulpenfonds is an initiative of VSZ, a specialist in social security insurance solutions. They offer self-employed people (freelancers) a safe form of social security and try to reintegrate them into their profession as quickly as possible.
VSZ wanted to start something new for the 80% of self-employed people who do not have a disability insurance in case they become disabled. VSZ came up with the “Tulip Fund” that insures self-employed people with a minimum income for 7 years in case of incapacity for work. To test whether this idea was viable, they wanted to start with a Minimum Viable Product.
VSZ contacted Bizzomate to see if they could build a portal for this new kind of insurance. In just 12 weeks the platform has gone live and the portal is able to check if the applicant is on the EU blacklist, provide a medical check, calculate the tariff and check with the KvK if there is a company registered to the applicant’s name.
Tulpenfonds has gone live with a brand new product, website and application portal. They were pleased with the course in Dutch politics in which legislation is coming that compels freelancers to insure themselves against incapacity for work.

In a nutshell


VSZ Assuradeuren

Development time:

12 weeks




Insurance solutions for social security


  • Portal apps
  • Innovation apps
  • Dynamic Case Management

From our client

“Bizzomate was more than IT. Bizzomate was exactly the partner we needed for the development of our application. In a very short period of time they have built a user-friendly and easy to customize application with which we can serve our organization and our customers in the best possible way. The developers of Bizzomate were able to think in solutions to our problems with great expertise. They helped building the best product possible by truly designing with our business.”
Paul Nieland | Roy Hageman
Managing Director | Business Development Manager Tulpenfonds

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